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I love that my child has learned to read except that now she can figure out when I spell four letter words.  That part sucks, but it is so sweet to find her hunkered down in her little rocker reading “The Boxcar Children”.  Makes a mama proud even though she is notorious for skimming the letters and guessing at words rather than sounding them out.

The Princess attends Christian school and they memorize a new Bible verse or two each week.   My routine is to give her a printout of the verse on Monday morning, she reads it and then we repeat it several times a day throughout the week.  This week’s verse is Psalm 34:12-13.

Here is how she “read” it this morning:

Whoever of you loves life and dresses* to see many good days, keep your thong* from evil and your lips from speaking lies.

*desires, tongue

I can’t stop laughing at “Keep your thong from evil”. 

Get thee behind me, Satan Victoria’s Secret!