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We’re cat people.

Actually, I am cat people and am raising my girls to be the same.  My husband is allergic to cats so it would be safe to say that he is NOT cat people.  But he lives with my furbabies and takes Claritin when the sneezing gets bad and doesn’t complain too much so I guess he is one of us by default.  Mostly.

Jabba II died late September when he tried to make a mad dash across a busy street at lunchtime.  It was a sad day for me, but a devastating day for my eight year old daughter Sophie.  She literally wept for hours even waking up in the middle of the night choking with sobs.  Ideally, I don’t do instant cat replacement, but in this case that child desperately needed someone with fur to snuggle.  Immediately.  The next day, I got a new kitten who fits in with the madness and doesn’t rebel by peeing all over the house a la Skittles II (We reuse a lot of pet names here.).  Anyway, little Freckles seems to enjoy her new life and thanks to having a toddler in the house gets lots of extra snacks.  Like Goldfish.

When I’m busy, I put a few Goldfish crackers on the kid table in our kitchen so Ava can stand and eat while I scurry around.  As soon as she sees the bag, she starts demanding her crackers.  As soon as the cat sees the bag, she hops on the kid table to snag a snack before Ava gets there!  It’s kind of cute.

However when I am scurrying around and ignoring Goldfish refills, little Ava will plop down by the cat bowl and help herself to handfuls of kibble crammed in her tiny mouth.  Nasty, stinky kitten kibbles. 

So it should be no surprise that in between loading the dishwasher, making breakfast and doing laundry, I glanced in the corner and found the cat lounging on the kid table with a Goldfish grasped in her little paws.  On the floor lies little Ava with her entire face buried in the cat’s dish. 

On the plus side, I guess I don’t have to make breakfast now.  I’m thinking that maybe I should go buy a new self-feeder and fill it with Goldfish for the baby and the cat to share.  And look~I’m teaching Ava to share!  Damn, I’m a good mama.