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It is 11:38 pm as I type this.  I have just emerged from the shower where I washed off baby barf that happened at 3 something pm.  Welcome to my life.

Today was the last day of Spring Break for SJ, and I let her sleep until nearly ten this morning.  The baby roused earlier, played in her crib and fell back asleep until ten as well.  A VERY nice, quiet morning for me.  This changed quickly.

Once fed, the three of us played until noon when we ran a few errands.  Afterwards, we headed to the doctor’s office where both girls had well checks scheduled.  I carefully arrived a few minutes early to complete paperwork on AC since it was her first visit in the U.S.  The nurse called us back at the appointed time.

2:15  Went to Lab for SJ to get finger stick.

2:20  Five minutes, 500 questions and one sticker later task is complete.

2:25  Off to weigh and measure both girls.

2:27  To exam room to discuss SJ development and AC history with nurse.  Nurse explains that AC needs finger stick and will send lab tech to our room shortly.  After tech leaves, SJ needs to strip and put on paper gown for exam.  Suggests that I prepare bottle for AC to have while getting finger stick.

2:40  Making bottle in hallway.

2:45  Doctor arrives.  Before lab tech.  Says that she will need a vein stick for AC to complete recommended blood tests for adoption.  Does SJ well check.  AC drinks bottle.

2:50  Doctor says that SJ  height  percentile has dropped and recommends visit to endocrinologist.  Completes SJ visit.

3:00  Examines AC.  **I have to note here that this child was a premie and spent 3 months in NICU and had an additional hospitalization for bronchitis when she was 6 months old.  She HATES doctors.  When she was examined in Moscow, she lost her damn mind crying.**

3:10  AC is completely insane sobbing by this time.  One of my concerns was that she constantly touched her ears.  When the doc put the otoscope in the right ear, Ava Cate spewed vomit all over everyone in the room.  Trauma/tears + pain + whole bottle consumed less than an hour ago = baby formula covered clothes.  Mine.  Not hers.

3:12  Nurse enters to help clean.

3:15  Tongue depressor + already pukey child = bye bye bottle.  More baby puke.  YAY ME!  At least that’s all she’s eaten, right??

3:22  Almost done.  Lab tech is on her way.

3:30  Lab tech finds a vein and draws FOUR VIALS of blood from sweet baby’s tiny little arm.  Takes three adults to hold her down.  SJ left room.  I am crying almost as hard as Ava.

3:51  Nurse returns to give vaccines.  Three shots and more tears all around, and WE ARE DONE.

4:00  Clothes on and money paid, we are heading to parking garage.

4:08  Call husband who is out of town (at the mother fucking BEACH) on business.  Cuts me short on phone because he’s “busy”.

4:09   Message to Sue Bob to dig a hole to bury husband.

4:20  Happy Meals for everyone.  If today hasn’t killed us, the shit at McDonalds won’t hurt us either, right?

4:30  Home.  All are happy.  Chat with Sue Bob about the day and realize I FORGOT TO PICK UP AVA’S SCRIP FOR EAR INFECTION.  I must be the dumbest mother ever.

5:10  Sue Bob arrives with my Rx in hand.  I love this woman.  I do.  Bestest friend ever. 

Multiple crises with sobbing baby tonight.  Her little legs are so sore and I know she’s miserable.  Advil at 10 pm.  Hopefully, we will all make it through the night. 

Time lapse to midnight.  Long day after a lovely, lazy morning.  I am a living, breathing country music song:

“I don’t love every minute of my day, but I love every day of my life.”

I would sing the lyrics, but I can’t sing.  I would write the song, but I can’t play music.  I’m worthless except as the song chorus above, or my suggested title “Frazzled”.  I’m fairly worthless all around other than loving these sweet girls with all my heart.   And I’m tired.  Really, really tired.  Night y’all.