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I am so ready to go home.  I know I’ve only been gone seven nights, but I miss my daughter so very much that I can hardly stand to SKYPE her.  She’s my number one reason for homesickness, but here are some others:

1.  The weather.  The thermometer in Moscow is hovering around 36; back home, my people are enjoying 85 degree afternoons.  I need to be barefoot as soon as possible.

2.  Ice.  Drinks don’t come with ice.  I want some ice in my drink rather than on the ground.

3.  I miss my people.  I need a night in with the girls, a party on the deck, a lunch out with a friend, coffee with my sister, dinner with my parents.

4.  I need a new book.  I’m bored (not THAT bored, Butter!) and have read all five of the books I brought with me.  Plus the one that hubs brought too.  I am taking the Princess to the library ASAP and stocking up.

5.  Food and Drink.  I want to raid my refrigerator of American food not send Prince Charming to the market to buy one Russian item per day.  I have no coffee maker here and am subsisting on instant espresso and hot tea.  I want a real cup of coffee and some iced tea.  (See also #2)

6.  Toilet paper.  Our apartment was stocked with flower-scented TP.  One of John’s earliest trip to the market was for replacement tissue.  He came back with the only alternative:  Green Apple Scented Toilet Paper.  My butt deserves better.

7.  Safety.  The apartment is not childproof.  My home isn’t perfect either, but it is much better than the loose cords and power strips in every room.

8.  Humidity.  The air here is so dry that my skin looks like I am an alligator.  I live in constant fear of being shot, skinned and sewn into a nice purse.  Feel free to remind me of this post in August when I’m whining about the 90 percent humidity and 90 degree weather.  Til then, bugger off.

9.  Jet lag.  I can’t sleep and am miserable.  I would love to go home and spend three days in bed.  I don’t think the children will allow it.

10.  Last, but certainly not least:  FAMILY.  When I finally arrive home later this week with the baby in tow, this journey will come to a close.  Not motherhood, obviously, but the journey to take our little family from three to four.  I’m ready to get this thing started.