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Between the time change to DST, the jet lag between the US east coast and Moscow, and -oh I don’t know- LITTLE things like adopting a child, I have completely and totally given myself over to what might be called madness.

Regardless of its name, I am now realizing that there are some things one should NOT do while under its influence.  Such as…

1.  Cutting one’s own bangs at 3 am local time because one has been awake for an insane number of hours yet cannot sleep.  Thankful now for my purple highlights as the funky bangs (ie WAY the fuck too short) work just perfectly.

2.  Feeding one’s baby organic blueberry/beet baby food after consuming 4 cups of espresso.  I don’t think this stuff is going to wash out.  If you are looking for me this summer, I’ll be the short-banged, purple highlighted chick wearing tie dye.  Kids too.

3.  Using the washing machine in our apartment without consulting instructions/translation.  I tossed everything we wore in on day one in the washer and apparently BOILED IT.  Cyrillic alphabet does not easily convert unfortunately.  John’s white tee shirt is now a dingy blue and my fave purple shirt now fits my seven year old.