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As promised, this is my monthly update on how my family is adapting to being ANTI-Consumers.  I decided that before I could determine how many and what kinds of things my family truly NEEDED, I should evaluate what we already HAVE.

Leading by example.  That’s what the Mamas do, so it was natural that MY closet should be the first one under the microscope.  Below is the inventory of my wardrobe as of January 1st.  I was stunned by how much I have.  This is embarrassing if you are a normal woman.  If you are one of the “Real Housewives of Snobville”, though, you may pity me.  If so, please email me for directions on where to mail your donation check.  I might be an ANTI-Consumer, but I ain’t stupid!

Sigh.  Here it is:

  • 30 sweaters
  • 5 sweatshirts
  • 43 tees
  • 11 skirts
  • 16 shorts
  • 17 pants
  • 76 blouses
  • 7 coats
  • 11 dresses
  • 6 boots
  • 17 shoes
  • 32 purses

While it looks like an awful lot on paper, I suspect it’s pretty typical.  I’ve purged by giving 8 sweaters and tops to a friend and selling another 18 items on eBay.  So far this month, I’ve cleared about $130.  Not bad money while I’m sitting around doing nothing blogging.  I’ve also given away a stack of tops that I haven’t worn in over a year that I didn’t believe were saleable.

I am more than a little surprised at how good it feels to get all the clothes out of my closet that I didn’t wear!  Some were too big; some too small; some tattered and some new.  Regardless, I didn’t wear them and it’s refreshing to have only things you like to wear when you are getting dressed each morning.

Now, the HARD part of my 2012 Resolution/Challenge/Experiment.  The NON-buying part.  There were a few splurges (or purchases that many would consider splurges):

  • $75 for Cut & Color.  Say what you want, but my hair expenses are NECESSARY.  This is how you can identify someone who is cheap or cash-poor like me from someone who is genuinely broke.  Truly poor chicas dye their own hair.

Also, my stylist is FABULOUS and is a genius with color.  I’m glad to share her name, but you won’t get yours for this price.  She’s an old friend and drinking buddy.  She will make you look incredible, but you will have to pay the going rate.

  • $75 for Wash & Wax.  I WILL do windows, but I DON’T do cars.  Aforementioned fabulous stylist has a guy who does the hand wash & wax while you are getting beautiful inside.  I say “Pokey” is an entrepreneur on par with Trump.  This was an “impulse buy” that I totally could’ve done without.*
  • $51 for new undies for me.  Underwear and shoes are acceptable expenses according to my very generous guidelines I created on January 1st.  So there.
  • $15 for a precious new shirt.  Totally unnecessary, but I love it and wear it all the time.*
  • $60 for my share of food, gas & booze for a weekend getaway with three of my best friends.  It’s cheaper than therapy so I vote that this one is OK too.
  • $5 for a toy for the Princess.  Useless, but I had to bring back some trinket after my beach weekend.  Yes, I could have gotten the child a sea shell for free, but that would have required putting on something other than PJs and going down on the beach.  Neither was on our agenda for the weekend.*


I spent $90 on stuff* that I wish I hadn’t.  A rain shower the same afternoon I got the car cleaned totally negated that expense;  the new shirt is great, but has to be ironed which sucks;  we REALLY needed another stuffed animal, right?  I did, however, “earn” $130 so I’m still good I guess.

This has been an interesting month breaking my reckless spending habits.  I can’t wait to see how February turns out!

Update:  Add $15 to my expenses since I bought a package of Depends this morning to work on my little “Project“.  I was full of energy and ideas last night, but for some reason my husband would not rush out to Wal-Mart for adult diapers and a Ronco Bedazzler.  While I hate to use my blog like facebook for minute by minute status updates, I know how anxious and excited you are to see my “Go Ahead and Pee In Your Panties” venture.  I’ve got leopard cloth, sharp scissors and some big ass (literally) Pull-Ups.  Stay tuned!