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Top Ten Most Fabulous Things About Being a SAHM

  1. Dropping off and picking up my daughter at school everyday.  I get to be the last smile, hug and kiss every morning.  In the afternoons, I get to be her sounding board while she’s still excited about her day.
  2. Not having to rush home and prepare dinner.  I hate that.  Cooking is therapy for me, and there is nothing worse than dashing in the door and tossing any old thing on the table.
  3. Dressing like a homeless person until mid afternoon.
  4. Grocery shopping mid-morning without the Princess to “help” me by loading the cart with an extra $100 worth of crap.
  5. Early kid bedtime because we’ve had plenty of quality time prior to 8 pm.
  6. Hand-in-hand with #5, I get time alone with the hubby since the kiddo is asleep early.
  7. Regular brunches with my friends.
  8. Time to do household chores thoroughly.
  9. OR instead of housekeeping, I can sit on the couch engrossed in a great book for hours.
  10. Naps!

Working Mommy Friends, please save your hate mail for someone else who is criticizing you.  I know I’m blessed beyond measure that I have the opportunity to stay home with my girl (girls?  Soon, I hope) and that my husband shares my priorities.  I’ve worked, however briefly, since joining the ranks of parenthood, and it didn’t suit me or my family at all.  There are plenty of negatives as well, but a girl has to focus on the positive!