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Once upon a time (all the great stories start this way, right?), there lived a lovely couple with a lovely daughter.  The lovely daughter early on developed a love and fascination for electronics.  Through the years, Christmases and birthdays came and went and the lovely daughter was always excited and thrilled with her gifts from the lovely parents and Santa Claus.

The lovely daughter, despite being a bright child, never seemed to notice that she had the previous year’s version of her beloved DS, iPod or Wii.  It seems that the lovely couple was cheap on a limited budget as well as being convinced that 4,5 and 6 year olds do NOT need iPads or iPhones at least not until the Mama got a new one herself.

And so in 2011, Santa popped by and left the lovely girl a reconditioned 1st Generation iPod Touch.  Which is completely WORTHLESS when you are accustomed to Mom’s new iPhone.  Even if you are only seven.

And so the lovely mother spends WAY too much time downgrading the laptop and then upgrading the iPod and reinstalling and uninstalling software rather than typing away on her blog like she would rather be doing…

…in case you were wondering where I was.