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I say “Mostly Wordless” because “Wordless” does not describe me.  Not a bit.  I even talk in my sleep.  I’m only wordless when under anesthesia.

Anyway, here’s my ALMOST wordless post:

My daughter drew this picture right before we got our referral to go to Russia.  Literally TWO days before.  This would certainly stand alone as a “wordless” post, but I wanted to point out my favorite parts.  The illegible words are “Wah Wah”.  And that’s a little BABY in a crib on the left.

What you may not remember is that we planned to adopt an OLDER child.  Only Sophie was hell-bent on adopting a baby.  And she’s the only one that prayed and wrote about her prayer including illustration.  And a BABY we have (or will have soon).

You’ve seen those tee-shirts that say “Jesus Loves You…But I’m His Favorite”?  Apparently, “His Favorite” lives in my house.