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I really do love autumn.  I love the gold and red on the trees.  I love sweaters and football games.  I love a bonfire, and I love waking up cool after sleeping with the window open.

But every year once the leaves start to turn and the air gets a chill,  I get in this weird funk.  Something about fall fills me with some kind of melancholy that I won’t fully be able to shake until after Christmas.  My brain is peppered with memories – more like little snapshots – of every stage of my life.  None of the memories is especially bad, but with each little flashback I can vividly recall the way I felt at that time and it becomes a bit overwhelming.

Many of the memories are from my teenage years and high school.  People I knew.  Dumb decisions I made.  Things I should’ve said “yes” to.  Things I should’ve said “no” to.  Memories of a floundering self-esteem.  Plenty to regret.

I have always felt sorry for those folks who claim that “these are the best years of your life.”  I had enough personal angst going on back then to write about sixty songs for Courtney Love.  Hell, I’ve got plenty of angst still today!

To cure the blues, I scrolled through facebook to look at old high school friends and found this amazing story from my own alma mater.  I won’t bother typing it all because the video does a good job telling the back story, but please take a few minutes to watch this.  It will totally restore your faith in today’s youth.