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So we’re driving to the beach last Thursday evening.  Mmm Hmm.  Yep.  We went to the beach.  Again.  And, NO, there were no speeding tickets this time!

Anyway.  As we come into this H U G E clearing where the sky is perfectly black, I see the incredible H U G E, bright orange full-ish moon.

It is NOT Mercury, you ornery child.  It's the MOON!

“Look at the moon, Baby.”

“Oh my gawsh, Mom!  I think that must be ‘Mercurwee’.  ‘Mercurwee’ is the red planet.”

“No Baby.  That’s really the MOON in the sky.  And, um, I think MARS is the red planet.”

“Yeah.  Whatever.  I’m calling it ‘Mercurwee”.

And THAT’S why we don’t homeschool.