Yep.  Steve Jobs was a very bright man, a good businessman, and (I hate to say it because it’s been said SOOOO many times in the last twelve hours that I am about to BARF) a visionary.

Yep.  I love my iStuff.  All of it.  It’s cool.  And fun.  And tiny.

Yep.  It is a tragic loss for geeks and lovers of geeks everywhere.

Yet, I cannot search for a blog tag “HUMOR” without getting hits about “the tragedy”, or “our profound loss” or “his VISION”.  I get it.  You are a so-called humorist who wants the world to know how much you are going to suffer in your time left here on earth without Steve Jobs.  I know you want to tag your blog “Steve Jobs” so it will bring traffic.

But give me a break.  When I click on humor, I want to laugh.  Not read about someone who you don’t know who happened to die of cancer yesterday.  UNfunny.

Now go edit your blog tag and get off the HUMOR page.