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I love Google. Really. I would marry Google if I could or at least steal a kiss, but alas. Anyway, I was Googling miscellaneous stuff this morning looking for a little blogging inspiration that was funnier than what was actually on my mind when I discovered The Chive. What follows are a few snapshots that will make you laugh and leave you speechless and make you feel better about yourself.

That’s what the internet is for, right?

And so begins Jimmy’s lifelong fear of raccoons
Oh Susie. It’s just a damn clown. Lighten up.
Once you learn to shoot, we can eat fresh squirrel, not those we find on the highway.
Do you think Junior has the beer because Daddy’s cart is chock full of fresh veggies? Me neither.
Son, that’s enough beer for you. Give yer old man a sip.
Moped Car Seat

Have a great weekend!