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“MUTHA of the Year” maybe.  Probably no one (other than Kate) believes her own hype, but I’m amazed at how many articles there are about how wonderful she is.

Yesterday, I happened across a little article by Parentables at Shine on Yahoo .   The author listed “10 Parenting Lessons We Learned From Kate Gosselin”.  Some were obvious, some laudable, some downright laughable.  So I decided that I might need to add my two cents to the list.

First my disclaimer:  I’ve battled infertility and have nothing but nice things to say about the Gosselin’s multiple births.  Also, I am often a shitty mother.  I have red hair and the short temper to match it.  My beloved Princess has a strong will, and we butt heads daily.  Acknowledging my parental shortfall probably eliminates me from the “Shitty Mother” category though.  It’s kind of like my mother who obsesses that she has or is going to develop Alzheimer’s disease because of family history.  I keep telling her that if she is aware enough to think she might have a problem, she probably doesn’t have a real problem.

Since I know my own parental shortcomings and Kate doesn’t seem aware of hers (at least on the TV show which is more than a little like watching a car wreck), I’m going to address each topic on Parentables post.  (Yay!  Another post with BULLETS!)

  1. “Take Control” –  Order IS possible.  It is also very likely that you will at least APPEAR to have order when you have the benefit of film editing.
  2. “Get Organized” – See #1
  3. “Hit the Road” – It is so easy and cheap to plan educational and exciting day trips for the kids when the producer is footing the bill.
  4. “Teach Your Children Well” – See #3
  5. “Slow Down” – Yes, Kate does appear to take each day “one moment at a time”.  No arguments or even snarky remarks from me on this one.
  6. “Turn Lemons Into Lemonade” – Tummy tuck, hair extensions, bodyguard, a turn on “Dancing with the Stars”, single mom, divorcee?  Fair enough, Parentables.  Kate certainly isn’t afraid to reinvent herself.
  7. “Trust Yourself” – I don’t know if I picked this up from Jon and Kate Plus 8, but I do agree that mamas need to trust your gut when it comes to raising your children.
  8. “Pay Attention” – See #7
  9. “Be Yourself” – I’d have to say that Kate certainly has the “Me Time” thing down pat.
  10. “Enjoy The Moment” – See #7

Kudos to Parentables for making a Top Ten List that includes the major highlights of what each of us mamas should strive for.  Even more props to Parentables for managing to tie it to Kate Gosselin.  I don’t think I could have managed to do it.  If I did do it, I wouldn’t have been as kind.  Obviously.


I penned this post last night and tossed about all night trying to decide whether or not I would just post my addenda to the Parentables post.  I decided this morning that I cannot just leave it at that. 

I remember seeing in the news when the sextuplets were born.  I remember when the Gosselins were NOT a household name, but rather that family with eight kids on a documentary.  I recall Kate when she had a normal post-baby body and a neighbor who helped with laundry and housekeeping.  I remember Jon before hairplugs.  I also recall the spats/arguments/Kate berating Jon.  And I remember why I didn’t set my DVR to watch their show. 

Here is my open letter to Kate:

Dear Ms. Gosselin,

While I do agree that you appear to be a fine mother to your lovely children, I have always believed deep in my heart that you have exploited your family for money and fame.

In this day and age of rampant perversion, I don’t even post my child’s photo or use her real name on my mostly obscure blog.  I can’t imagine sacrificing her innocence and naivete by parading her around (just to showcase my own fabulous parenting and organizational skills) for a few bucks.

I can’t help but wonder how materialistic they will become as adults, knowing that their mother “sold their childhood” to TLC to fund that nice home and lavish vacations.

I can’t help but wonder how selfish they will become as adults, having spent five+ years of their lives in front of the camera as the center of attention.

I can’t help but wonder how they will relate to the opposite sex, having lived with a mother who (on the show at least) talked to their father like a dog.

I believe the show (like ALL reality series) was a big mistake.  However, I truly do hope for all the best for your family, especially the children, in the future.  Now, pull your head out of your ass and get busy being the mother that Parentables thinks you are.