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I posted yesterday about my trials with the high pressure in my eyes which often leads to glaucoma and (if untreated) blindness.  Thank God that I’m being monitored closely and probably (hopefully) will never have to deal with my world literally going dark. 

BUT my off-the-cuff request to my doc to order up a “seeing-eye cat” got me to thinking about other service animals so I’ve done a little research.  Many animals can be trained, qualify and be registered as service animals including cats, snakes and monkeys.  Most of these animals are called “companion  animals” and assist people who are hearing impaired or who have anxiety disorders.  OK, I understand how a cuddly little kitten could help with anxiety, but I’m really not quite understanding the concept of having a SNAKE quell my inner fears.  Um.  NO.  It might be helpful with my “selective hearing-impaired” Princess though.

“Did you HEAR me, child?  Bo, go give her a squeeze so she’ll brush her teeth.”

Monkeys, on the other hand, would be awesome!  Think of it – an extra pair of opposable thumbs!  The first task on Bonzo’s to do list will be to clean the litter box!  Now, THIS is living!

Sad for me that the rules for seeing-eye animals are strict though.  The animal must weigh at least 60 pounds for starters.  My sister has suggested steroids and growth hormone for kitty to get him b i g before I need him to guide me and my white cane around town.  What about a small cougar (not the Demi Moore kind)?  It would be big enough, but, alas, seeing-eye animals must be “domesticated” which destroys my dream of a seeing-eye kangaroo.  I was really looking forward to having an extra pocket. 

“Roo, hand me my rolling papers and medical marijuana.  Hmm.  Maybe just pass them on to Bonzo.  He can roll better than I can…being blind and all.”