I have got to hand it to this kid.  She is working hard to surpass me with her quick wit and smart ass mouth.  As we are picking up toys and cleaning up my beautifully decorated “where the hell did the countertops go” kitchen, she kept asking me if I could do certain things.  As in: “Can you climb a ladder?  Can you touch hot things on the stove” and so on.  Actually, I SHOULD say “and so on and on and on and on”.  There is a reason we affectionately refer to the Princess as “The Incredible Talking Child”.    Anyway, after a hundred or so questions to which every answer was “Yes”, I finally said, “Honey, I can do anything because I’m the Mom”. 

She responded, “Well, you can’t catch bugs with your tongue like a lizard.”

Hmm.  Nope.  I s’pose not.

Smart Ass Score:  Mom 714/Kid 703

She’s definitely catching up!